Old News

bugfix release 0.5a
mpeg2divx should be able to handle input files with more than two audio channels now. Also, encoding of video-only streams is now possible. No changes to avi2divx.


new version 0.5
Added basic picture scaling, fixed default MP3 bitrate as the old, fixed setting caused problems with aviplay and xtheater.


Morgan MJPEG codec has expired today
The shareware version of the MJPEG codec contained in binaries.zip has expired today. Since Morgan Multimedia does not offer a new version for download yet, I have made a little patch for avifile that makes all codecs think it's 1999. Get it from the download section, apply it, rebuild and reinstall avifile and everything should work again.

bugfix release 0.4a
avi2divx should now be able to encode single-channel audio properly. Thanks to Marc Lavallée for reporting this.


release 0.4
This version adds two new features:


bugfix release 0.3a
There's a stupid bug in 0.3 that makes avi2divx occasionally abort with "pure virtual method called" when encoding more than one input file. This release should fix that. mpeg2divx is not affected.


new version 0.3
So here's another new version. This one features the possibility to give several input files which will be encoded sequentially into the output DivX ;-) AVI.


new version 0.2
This one adds a few commandline options for choosing the codec, setting bitrates etc. Download below.

bug in avifile library
avifile 0.50 (and older versions, too, I guess) has a bug that prevents setting the bitrate for the DivX ;-) fast-motion encoder. I've made a fix you can download below. Apply the patch before building the library. It may also be a good idea to delete the .registry file in your home directory if you have used avifile before.

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