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link thumbnail Steven Poole: Trigger Happier cool
Trigger Happy is a book about the aesthetics of videogames — what they share with cinema, the history of painting, or literature; and what makes them different, in terms of form, psychology and semiotics. It was first published in 2000; this is the revised edition with the Afterword written in 2004 2001. (Update: as requested in comments, the 2004 Afterword can now be read ...
(Added 2008-01-12, 587 hits, more)
link thumbnail A Brief History of Video Game Humor (GameSpot)
As the adventure game genre has declined somewhat in recent years, it's been a little more difficult to find humor in games. This feature takes a brief look at how humor has been used in video games over the years, and what the future may hold.
(Added 2012-10-08, 1248 hits, more)
link thumbnail
US video game retailer dealing in before-the-crash video game systems and games.
(Added 2006-09-03, 443 hits, more)
link thumbnail Chris Covell's secret page...
Little-known information on video game prototypes and unreleased games Chris picked up in Japanese magazines.
(Added 2008-04-11, 1005 hits, more)
link thumbnail Classic Computer and Gaming Show
Buy, sell, trade, play, and see classic video games, computers, peripherals, memorabilia, and more at the Classic Computing and Gaming Show (CCAG).
(Added 2006-11-28, 1156 hits, more)
link thumbnail Classic Consoles Center
Many essays and interviews on pre-crash video game systems.
(Added 2006-09-02, 772 hits, more)
link thumbnail Dimension Shift
Three-dimensional renditions of classic video game artwork by Richard Horsman:
The artwork that you see in my gallery has been created by a parse/render workflow system that has been - and continues to be - in continuous development (by yours truly) since April 2004.
(Added 2006-08-22, 748 hits, more)
link thumbnail Dot Eaters/The Number Crunchers, The de translate
Die Geschichte der Videospiele & Heimcomputer. History of home computers. German version of the best video game history site on the Net.
(Added 2003-11-12, 809 hits, more)
link thumbnail Dreamcast Junkyard, The
The Best Dreamcast Blog on the Internet.
(Added 2012-10-08, 298 hits, more)
link thumbnail Encyclopedia Obscura: Games
Games section of the Encyclopedia Obscura, a web site dedicated to the lesser known contributions to our (pop) culture. Strong focus on Nintendo games.
(Added 2008-04-13, 436 hits, more)
link thumbnail Fifteen Classic Game Console Design Mistakes (Technologizer)
Video game systems may be toys of a sort, but they’re also complicated machines. They require precision engineering, specialized hardware design, and careful industrial design to successfully achieve what seems like a simple goal: to play games on a television set. Throughout the history of home game consoles, each generation of machines has brought new opportunities to innovate. Alo ...
(Added 2012-10-08, 866 hits, more)
link thumbnail Game Music CD Roundup
Game soundtrack CD reviews by Chris Covell.
Just on a whim, I decided to take out all the videogame music CDs that I have, and review them. Why? I don't know, maybe just to spread knowledge to others around the world.
(Added 2008-04-10, 466 hits, more)
link thumbnail Games That Defined The History of the PlayStation (Racketboy)
This overview of the PS1 takes a look at the games that made the largest impact on the industry at the time and gave the Playstation its unique personality while overcoming its opponents (as opposed to a standard list of “the best” PS1 games)
(Added 2012-10-08, 720 hits, more)
link thumbnail | Rare Video Games
gameSniped is done for video game enthusiasts by video game enthusiasts. We strive to showcase the most obscure and really rare items that eBay may offer! We'll also point out items that are going at a steal, and other stuff that's just plain interesting.
(Added 2012-10-08, 428 hits, more)
link thumbnail
UK retailer of imported Japanese video game hardware and software, both vintage and recent.
(Added 2007-01-05, 713 hits, more)
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