link thumbnail Attack Of The Mutant Camels, The Making Of: (Edge Online)
Any knowledgeable fan of the Star Wars films will tell you that the mighty science fiction saga has inspired its fair share of bizarre cultural artefacts. Some are close homages, some are parodies and others are more laterally stimulated by some aspect of George Lucas’ mythos. Surely one of the most surreal examples falls into this latter category and appeared almost 30 years ago: th ...
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link thumbnail Inside The Soviet Arcade Games Museum (Edge Online)
From the article:
I step into the room beyond, and find myself surrounded by history. This is the Soviet Arcade Games Museum, where a small group of dedicated amateurs has collected a number of arcade machines dating from the late seventies.
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link thumbnail Pitfall!, The Making Of: (Edge Online)
Pitfall Harry is stuck in the jungle. He’s racing through, swinging from vines, jumping on alligator heads, grabbing treasures and looking for shortcuts. For David Crane, the creator and programmer of Pitfall!, one of the first Activision games for the Atari 2600, the hardest part of the game wasn’t avoiding the scorpions or coiled snakes, it was trying to jam a lot of game into on ...
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link thumbnail Populous, The Making Of: (Edge Online)
Rewind through weeks, months, seasons, and the story of Populous begins with a simple misunderstanding. Commodore, fostering industry support for its fledgling Amiga during the mid-1980s, sought to contact Torus: a firm specialising in network solutions. An auspicious error led to an unexpected call for Taurus: a minor startup, barely founded, with a plan for a database program. Judici ...
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link thumbnail Pyjamarama, Making Of…
EDGE article on the making of Pyjamarama.
[Also known as the "Making of a-tilde cent a-circumflex", according to somebody who should have paid more attention when migrating their database.]
(Added 2008-07-02, 659 hits, more)
link thumbnail Sir Clive Vs The BBC (Edge Online)
On the BBC drama "Micro Men", the story of the Acorn/Sinclair rivalry. (Watch it!)
(Added 2012-10-08, 2978 hits, more)
link thumbnail Stunt Car Racer, The Making Of: (Edge Online)
Although never one for self-aggrandisement, Geoff Crammond is one of the few veterans of the early days of home videogaming whose moniker continued to sell product long after the turn of the millenium. His work on well-loved titles for the venerable BBC Micro Computer quickly ensured that journalists and, more crucially, gamers came to see his name as a badge of quality, while work on ...
(Added 2012-10-08, 497 hits, more)
link thumbnail Tapper, The Making Of: (Edge Online)
Not all gamers are teenagers. Nor do they always hang out in arcades. Such was the thinking of Bally Midway, which in the early ’80s decided to sidestep its competition by building games for the untapped market of less competitive ‘street’ locations – any site that wasn’t an arcade, such as a pizza joint or a bar.
(Added 2012-10-08, 501 hits, more)
link thumbnail The Making Of: Final Fantasy VII (Edge Online)
"This was undoubtedly the game that changed everything.” Yoshinori Kitase, director of the most important RPG ever, has cause for hyperbole. “We felt a wind of change inside the company during the development process. There was this incredible feeling I’ll never forget: we were making a new thing… making history. Imagine.” He pauses. Imagine.
(Added 2012-10-08, 2108 hits, more)
link thumbnail The Making Of: PlayStation
This is a story that isn’t just about the design of an object made from silicon, plastic and metal. Nor is it just the story of the corporate politics that allowed the project to commence. It’s also the story of sales forces and distribution systems, of marketing strategies and product evangelists, of a confluence of social, economic and technological circumstances that allowed it ...
(Added 2012-10-08, 512 hits, more)


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