Unfinished GBA game

This is a game for the GameBoy Advance I have been working on for a while. I finally gave up on it because of my inability to either create good levels myself or find somebody else to do it.
The objective of the player is to get in and out of each level without being seen, collecting as much swag as possible. The artwork has been collected from all sorts of places and just happens to have a medieval look because most of it comes from Japanese RPGs.



This should work on real hardware, but I have only tested it with VisualBoy Advance.

Source Code

The game engine has some nice features such as LUA scripting, pathfinding and a scheduler with runtime profiling. (At the time I was not aware that there is an eCos port for the GBA.) Feel free to take a look. The code, as far as written by myself, is licensed under the terms of the GNU Public License v2.

How to build a binary from source

Being easy to build was definitely not a design goal in this project. Expect to lose some hair if you try to tackle this. My development system is Linux/x86, and you can probably just forget about getting this to work on anything else.

You need:

A working HAM development kit, WineX 3.1 (regular WINE does not work), ImageMagick, twm, gfx2gba, rfbplaymacro, rfbproxy, vncviewer, Xvnc, GBACrusher, Mappy for Win32 version 1.3.18 (other versions are unlikely to work), the LUA compiler version 4.0.1 with the yield patch and LUA_NUM_TYPE set to long, mmv and SDL.

GBACrusher and Mappy have to be installed in such a way that they can be executed with winex3 GBACrusherCL and winex3 mapwin. The level maps are converted using the Win32 GUI version of Mappy and a VNC macro. You will probably have to recreate this macro using the recordoo.sh script if you change either the Mappy or the WineX version.

Building it

Copy the files in the toham directory to the appropriate directories under $HAMDIR.

cd lua-4.0.1
cd ../leveleditor
cd ..

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