Uli's Software Page

This page contains all sorts of free software projects of mine. Take a look and get what you need. All of them have been developed on and for Linux, but you might be lucky and get them to work on other operating systems as well.


I am now maintaing the FuseCompress 0.9.x tree.


xmms-winamp allows you to use Winamp visualization plugins with XMMS.


x2divx has been the first project of mine to reach a larger userbase. Although it has now been obsoleted by the likes of mencoder and transcode, it might still serve an educational purpose. After all, I have found its code in a great many avifile applications... :)

The Emulators

This page contains my emulator ports. From DOS to Linux, from Win32 to Linux, from SDL to Qtopia/Opie, it's all there.


This little tool allows you to use your Multiprog 2000 smartcard programmer to write Goldwafer cards under Linux.


uhs2html converts Universal Hint System (UHS) files to HTML. It parses both "old" and "new" formats.

Flash2Advance USB for Linux

A command-line tool for up-/downloading data to/from GBA carts using the Flash2Advance USB linker

Linux on the Samsung V25

A small tool and a kernel patch to get better power management support on the Samsung V25 and similar notebook computers.

SDL for the Game Boy Advance

This is a basic port of SDL-1.2.4 to the GBA. Sound is not implemented. Install DevKitAdvance, then compile with

CC=arm-agb-elf-gcc ./configure --disable-cdrom ; make

Here's an example application.

pForth for the Game Boy Advance

This is a port of the Forth interpreter pForth V19 to the GBA. Since pForth is amazingly portable I only had to make minor adjustments. This port uses the MBV2 for console and file I/O, so you have to have an MBV2 in console mode connected to your GBA to make use of it.

Unfinished GBA game

This is a game I have been working on for a while and finally gave up upon because of my lack of talent in level design.

GBA Super Memory Stick Library

Allows you to boot custom multiboot images from the stick and to use it as a storage device.


Here's a patch featuring 3dnow!/MMX optimizations I once made for the MPEG Software Simulation Group MPEG-2 decoder, version 1.2. They accelerate the encoder to about 400% its original speed on my Athlon (and, IIRC, about 500% on a K6-2, which is the CPU I developed it for). It has since been obsoleted by the mjpegtools variant of this encoder which is even faster.

Anonymous Subversion Server

You can find the most up-to-date versions as well as unfinished and unreleased works at the vault. Use

svn co http://www.emulinks.de/svn/<module name>

to check out.

All code released under the terms of the GNU Public License v2 unless specified otherwise.

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